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Thursday, July 07, 2005

The French Sure Are Sore Losers

I suppose the British anti-warriors will sieze on these terror attacks. They will say that the attacks were provoked by British involvement in Iraq. Sadly, this may be true. Not that the anti-warriors particularly care about truth, but I suppose knowledge is power. Thus I seek truth.

The goal of Al-Qaeda is to perpetuate itself. Bin Laden's goal was approaching the Caliphate, but he may have scaled back that ambition now. Among the leaders who may have planned the subway attacks, goals include hatred of the West and petty accolades from their fellow degenerates. If it were a more senior operative, money would be the goal. Al-Qaeda is run like any non-profit.

Britain may have earned the wrath of the Islamic imperialists by being allied with the US, the Great Satan. However, given the high concentration of Islamic immigrants in Europe and their relative economic disadvantages, the attacks were probably carried out in Britain because it is near the terrorists' HQ. I would suggest terrorists living in the ghettos of France, though of course the possibilities include everyone from wealthy Swiss Muslims to the IRA or Scottish nationalists.

Poor Scots. Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that an Islamic imperialist group was behind the attacks.

If Britain had gotten enough kickbacks from the exploitation of the Iraqi people, they never would've supported Enduring Freedom, and the terrorists might've struck in Germany. I know I would have. Of course, targeted assassinations are more effective. When I shot J.R., the bounty was secondary to the fear we struck into the hearts of the Cowboys.

Ok, I didn't shoot J.R. The point is, terrorists suck, and the treasonous fear-mongering we will surely see in the Guardian in the coming months will be largely justified, though not for any reason the cheese-eating surrender monkies can comprehend.

[Update: The French lose the Olympics to London, and the next day London is bombed. I didn't want to spell it out, but...]


Blogger mig said...

Chirac is pompus and arrogant, but then he is French. He is noted as saying that one reason the English shouldn't get the Olympics is thier food is terrible and the only contribution they have made is 'Mad Cow Disease'. Seems Liberal Disorder (a French Import) is far worse than mad cow disease.

7:02 AM  

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