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Friday, July 08, 2005

The Adventures of ManiaC Provost - Yesterday

Me: i know that most people don't bother to figure out my titles. also most people are incapable
Dude: yeah. i dont get the title
Me: well, i updated the post to explain it. a couple weeks ago, somebody on Atrios referenced my log. they called it dung, which is a compliment from them
Dude: i would agree with dung
Me: me too, but don't tell them. i figured i was wasting my brilliant insight the first couple months. So i said screw it and started writing right-wing propaganda the way a left-wing artist would.
Dude: i still don't think you should be allowed to give a fetus a voice
Me: yeah, they'll start demanding equal rights, holding sit-ins and refusing to leave the womb. then we'll have a whole class of lobbyists arguing for the rights of the fetus
Dude: we already do. they are called women
Me: but some women don't believe the fetus has rights. I remember one time, I told this feminist that if one believed abortion was murder, then bombing clinics was a perfectly logical thing to do. I think she was going to cry, but [name withheld] changed the subject
Dude: lol! murder excuses murder? sounds like a democratic argument if ive ever heard one
Me: well, it's not murder. Obviously the doctors and women deserve the death penalty, as they are themselves murderers. and the fetuses were going to die anyway
Dude: how is that?
Me: it's all premised on the belief that abortion is murder. If someone commits murder, they break the social contract and are no longer proteced by it. that's how we can justify executing people. if the state refuses to stop systematic murder of fetuses, then it is state sponsored murder. the state is no longer the legitimate monopolist of the use of force. the only thing is, it's counterproductive. It harms the pro-life movement, which will ultimately lead to more abortions.
Dude: why would the fetus die anyway?
Me: it's a fetus in an abortion clinic. it's kinda like a chicken nugget on a fat farm
Dude: i see your point
Me: but yeah, it would be immoral to kill a pregnant woman
Dude: i just read Clinton's biography
Me: My Lie? Life*
Dude: precisely
Me: was it any good
Dude: some informative whitewater bits. he admitted lewinsky, and attacked newt gingrich for 450 pages
Me: heh heh, good ol newt. he managed to shut down the government for one day. That's the wet dream of every libertarian. what about Paula Jones?
Dude: she is mentioned. as a liar
Me: it seems like there were several more women...
Dude: tripp, etc.
Me: we could set up a conveyor belt like in a pizza oven. But to be honest, I kinda like the jews
Dude: why???????????????????
Me: cuz black people are racist towards them, which is ironic and sad
Dude: it's going to scare the hell out of me if you ever get married
Me: if i do, at least i won't create genetically superior children in a lab. well, unless everyone else is gone for the day, and she comes by the lab in miniskirt
Dude: nice
Me: but why?
Dude: cause the woman evil enough to satisfy you must be a modern day medusa
Me: everyone says i'm evil. you can all burn in hell for that


Blogger mig said...

Your nuts but I like you. Funny but strange. Glad I am married and am to old to wear a miniskirt!

6:58 AM  

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