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Monday, June 27, 2005

"In your faces, hippies!" - neocons

Last week, I said that although the occupation Iraq was dysfunctional, I believed enough soldiers had been sent. My main arguments were cost, feasibility, and effectiveness. Andrew Sullivan was kind enough to be unconvinced. Well, here's a factoid from Rumsfeld's et al.'s testimony the other day, brought to us courtesy of QandO:

"When asked if they needed more troops in Iraq all of the generals said an emphatic "no". Abizaid and Casey both said that they get the troops they request and if they need more they'll let the SecDef and Chairman of the JCS know. One of them, and i don't remember which, said more troops would actually be a detriment right now."

Politicians would make this up, but I can't see any motive for the brass to do so. They can't be bucking for Sec. Def., because Bush won't be re-elected. They can't be running for office because so many people think they're incompetent.

BTW, does anyone know how far away you have to take a possum to prevent it from coming back?


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