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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Coming to a store near you!!!

Bling Records is thrilled to present to you the latest sound from the greatest tour in music today. This year's Warped Tour will be featuring the hottest thing in Christian Punk Rock today - the sensational quintet American Taliban.

This up-and-coming young group has already converted jockeys around the nation with their totally righteous rythms, and scored the number one hit of this summer- "Walk This Way." Their new album hit shelves and quickly topped the charts, with an eclectic group of songs including the thrash-metal anthem "Golgotha" and the heavily-synthesized rap/rock track "Get Jesus Before He Gets You."

We interviewed the band to find out just what inspired this irreverent, fresh bit of traditionally reverent Christian music. The band includes Billy Ireland, a staunch Roman Catholic and lead vocalist and rythm guitar; Daniel Harper, lead guitarist and local Methodist youth pastor; Reginald Barkley, Young Republican officer and drummer; Omar Abdullah, bass player and backup vocalist, originally from Lebanon; and Stephen Kinkley, keyboardist, ska trumpeteer, synthesizer expert, and Southern Baptist volleyball player. Kinkley also performed vocals on "Get Jesus Before He Gets You" and "Getting Nailed Tonight."

We asked the fivesome what inspired them to write for God, and got some interesting responses. Daniel Harper pointed out his superfluous sixth fingers as proof God wanted him to play guitar. Barkley loves beating drums and watching people follow his beat. All of them, though, agreed that their greatest musical inspiration was the classic Christian Punk supergroup Four Horsemen. Four Horsemen was the last Christian group of any stripe to break the million album benchmark, and Ireland had this to say: "The Four Horsemen, you know, when we were kids, doing our own things, maybe not walking the path, they put the fear of God into us. Really. Their pyrotechnics were truly awe inspiring, and those riffs... Those riffs were divine, man."

Abdullah said it was his triumph over an adverse childhood that led him to Christian superstardom. "In Beirut, and later the mountains of the west, I had two options for survival- play music, or join a militant group like Al-Qaeda. I chose the bass because I love its penetrating power and frankly, I love Jesus. He doesn't care if your food suffers before you eat it."

The group also attributes their success to their fans. "It's crazy, really crazy, when we're performing, and everyone is singing along. Like, some of these kids know all the words. I don't even know all the words. And you can really just feel God at work in the room, and it's such a powerful, loving feeling, especially when the fans throw their panties onto the stage," said Kinkley. Harper chimed in, "Yes, I've called the numbers we get, and talked about faith with a lot of our fans. We really get to know some of them, and I think we've all grown in our faith because of the people we've met. Like our manager Desi."

Desiree Demona, manager of the group and senior partner at Bling Records, downplays her own role in the group's success. "Absolutely, these guys are great. They have such an energy about them, almost an aura, you can feed off of it and feel like a million bucks. Incidentally, that's their cut of the profits. Pretty fair, although I think Reggie might get cut out."

What one word best sums up American Taliban's music?

"God's love," says Harper.

Bling Records - We sell out, so you don't have to. - Copyright 2004, 2005 Bling Records LLC


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