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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Or, Musing On Recent History.

China is an interesting competitor because they are not expansionist. Although that is hard to believe, they are at least the least expansionist empire I know of. Perhaps Thailand... China has enough territory and natural resources, for now. They want to be the best, but their traditional worldview is China / Everyone Else. That traditional view holds China to be the only part of the world that really matters.

On the other hand, they are a ruthless, nuclear armed regime without our concept of human rights.

They are, understandably, trying to guarantee their own access to oil. Oil is power, and there is a finite supply of oil. We must therefore compete with China for access.

This caused me to wonder if China were or would become involved in the Venezuelan situation. They wouldn't do anything overtly, or even assist Venezuela directly with weapons or technology. (Chavez wants to invade Columbia, although the odds are against him doing it.) Still, China would be willing to assist Venezuela's attempt to get Pacific access, thus increasing the oil trade between the two countries. I wouldn't put it past the Reds to suggest such a thing to the, ah, Pinks of South America.

Pink is my favorite colour, and I truly hate to drag it into this.

Chavez's 'socialism' is a little odd too, but I suppose most dictators aree swept in on a tide of populist demagoguery.

Anyway, the odds that Chavez will invade Columbia, aided by the marxist guerrillas prevalent in the coffee bean *wink* fields, are slim. We should still do something about it... I personally enjoy spreading American hegemony via free trade. Oil is a commodity, so freer markets mean that our supply cannot be restricted as well. China, contrariwise, benefits from controlled markets.

This approach is useful everywhere, of course, since people prefer to make money without dying (capitalism) as opposed to making money and then being hit with smart bombs (expansionism).

Capitalist war-mongering is the fastest way to world peace.

I have a dream that one day children of all colors and nationalities will be able to play together. I have a dream of a thousand stock markets, linked by satellite, I have a dream of suburban housing developments in Basra and water parks in Libya. I have a dream of a day when all Koreans will be able to eat at McDonalds for pocket change. I have a dream that one day, there will be no war or genocide. There will only be domestic terrorists, serial rapists, white collar criminals, and other anti-social types.

Of course some of them will have nukes. Happy Flag Day.


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