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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Wow, she's hot

Sorry, I'm blogging in public.

Yeah, so I have a couple of posts in the pipeline, and this one is a follow-up to my rushed Wow, she's hot too. Maybe I should- no, no. Must post on the vacuity of teenagers.

I don't think they are irresponsible and useless because of human nature. I think they are irresponsible and useless because we allow them to be. I suppose you could reduce the change in youth attitudes over the past 200 years to the shift away from agriculture. 2.5 months a year of screwing around have gradully been phased into American culture, as the planting/harvesting labor has gradually phased out.

Plus other cultural changes. I don't know if there is a prime cause, although the great depression and subsequent, resultant poor training of the baby boomers couldn't have helped.

So we should work toward lowering the age of majority from 18 to some level that reflects reality. If a 15-year old can get pregnant, it's ludicrous for the law to say she can't. Perhaps she shouldn't, but hey, you only live once.

The difficulty with this approach is that our culture doesn't reflect reality either. Teenagers are encouraged to be selfish and carefree, although they have the physical means to, say, kill an adult with their bare hands, or produce a child, or make advances in theoretical mathematics.

There'll be a Dystopic view of an improved education system later.


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