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Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Ok, I'll be verrrrry busy till Wednesday night, but I thought I'd give you all a piece of divine inspiration that was handed down to me and see if yall kin puzzle it out.

Unfortunately, none of my divine inspiration comes to mind. Most of it helped me personally...

Ah, yes. Why believe in God? Sure, there's the Bible, but you have to admit that most Christians are brainwashed into their religion. As well we should be. What is school but brainwashing? I don't know if any mortal man can grasp the concept of God, yet we are required to accept it. Faith, without perfect reason.

Yet faith is not totally without reason. I think it's unlikely that the Bible could have been written were there no God. Yes, you can point out seeming contradictions, and you can also explain them away. You can argue like that indefinitely, full of noise and fury and signifying nothing. However, there are a few main arguments in favor of the existence of God.

1) He told me he exists. It is counterproductive to believe that you are insane, because no reasoning can follow that assumption. Therefore, I believe what He told me. This is not sufficient evidence for anyone else. I don't think I've ever told an atheist about that incident, but I'm fairly sure they wouldn't believe me.

2) Everything has a cause. The cause is itself the effect of another cause. At some point in the past, there must have been a first cause, which Aquinas called the Prime Mover. There are a few formulations of this logic, but it is simplest to grasp as, What came before the Big Bang? And if you happen to support the oscillating universe theory, what happened before that?

Even if time is circular in the dimension we perceive it, the loop must have come from somewhere. Moving on...

3) Descartes: If there were nothing greater than myself, I should be the greatest thing in creation; since I can imagine something greater than myself, there must be something greater than myself, for if it did not exist then I could not imagine it. This makes more sense from a solipsistic point of view, but it can be simplified.

How did man come up with the idea of God if there were no God? It seems somewhat unlikely, but possible, that this could have happened. I forgot where I was going with that. Hmmm. Think about it, though.

4) Empirical evidence such as the meticulous attention to preventing disease in the Hebrews. Exodus seems to many people to indicate at least a modern understanding of the transmission of disease. There are problems with many such examples of evidence that tries to prove the existence of God. I don't think looking for his footprints is really the best way to go about it.

I may post more on this later. There will certainly be a section on religion in my book, if and when I write the full version. A month from now I should know more about that.


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