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Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Mythbusters People are Incompetent,

but since they don't do anything politically related, I will kick CBS while they're down.

Maybe it's an affiliate of CBS. Maybe Not. Maybe I should use longer sentences, thus increasing the reading level of the posts that I make to this otherwise infantile blog; I've noticed, though, that doing this often prompts others to go to Dictionary.com for some unfathomable reason.

Cold Case. Allow me to paraphrase a few lines of dialogue that I heard today on this generic crime drama that explicate my not owning a TV.

Some cop: So and so is gay! *picks nose*
Other cop: And he's Chief of Staff for Councilman Bob. That guy's to the right of Attila the Hun.
Notice that 1) Attila the Hun is right-wing, presumably because he's a bloodthirsty, pillaging murderer, and that's obviously the constituency of the Right Wing.
2) Bob is an extreme right winger. All right wingers are extremists, as we've seen.
3) It's ironic, because right wing politicians are all gay-bashing bigots (especially the gay ones, or those with gay family members). The fact that Bob puts a lot of trust in this high-ranking gay dude is just ironic, not indicative of the fact that Bob is tolerant.
Third cop: Oh my God! That's Whatsername's fiancee/husband!
Yeah! And that's bad, because homosexuality is an abomination! Wait a second, weren't we just castigating the GOP for being intolerant of gays? Well, it's different if one of our friends is actually going to MARRY a bisexual! EWWWWWW!!! EWWWWW!!!

I was thinking of getting a 55" screen for my computer and switching to cable internet, but..... that would only tempt me to watch TV at home.


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