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Friday, May 06, 2005

My Kind of People

Hamas is shaping up to be the GOP's ideological ally in a decade or so. From an AP article I can only, grudgingly, link to at AOL:

"We are not Iran or the Taliban," a Hamas leader said as the militant group won election in this Palestinian town closest to Israel.

This may be merely an attempt to downplay their extremism, but plenty of people like the Taliban and Iran. The fact that Hamas sees a need to distance itself indicates they are not as theologically strict as those near-totalitarian governments.

...celebrating leaders like Mohammed Ghazal pledged not to impose their strict religious views on the communities they now rule. "We believe that personal freedom is one of the foundations of Islam," he said.

So they're Libertarians. I'm as surprised as you are.

Hamas supporters took to the streets here and in Gaza, shooting off fireworks, handing out candy and honking car horns.

Red State to the core.

...the political gains Hamas made in local elections across the Palestinian territories at the expense of the corruption-tainted ruling Fatah movement.

So they ran on a platform of government reform. Nice.

Leaders of Hamas... [said] the group will focus on providing better municipal services.

Good for them. People with city services and dentists don't embrace terrorism as much.

In Qalqiliya, a town of 45,000 where Hamas swept all 15 seats in the local council, the outgoing Fatah-appointed mayor, Marouf Zahran, said his party deserved to lose because "it did not treat the people right."

OK, now they have honest politicians. Once the garbage trucks start rolling, Palestine will be a better place to live than the US. This is disturbing.

Hamas opposes the existence of the Jewish state and its members have staged dozens of suicide bombings, shellings and shooting attacks on Israel in recent years.

I assume that means they are pro-military and pro-gun rights. The wanton murder will have to end, though.

Qalqiliya is particularly sensitive because of its nearness to the Israeli town of Kfar Saba.

Sensitivity! Even the Left will like Palestine. Oh, wait, they already do. Hmm. As we all know, the moment Hamas stops killing innocent people, the US Democrats will denounce them as right-wing religious extremists.

Fatah demanded a recount in Rafah and Bureij, but did not explain why it suspected irregularities there.

Yeah, Hamas will side with the GOP all right.


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