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Thursday, May 12, 2005

I'm going through Taxes on Monday on the way to Losianna

Turns out a lot of right wingnuts don't understand proper tax policy. Sure, we all scream for tax cuts in unison and occasionally get them, but- and this is hilarious- some Conservatives think that we are trying to spur economic growth.

Without the income from taxes, the federal government would be unable to function. That's why we want to cut taxes.

Taxation is stealing, and strictly following that extreme interpretation of Judeo-Christian values is what leads us to cut taxes.

Economic growth is a close third, but here's a somewhat-known fact and its lesser-known complement:

Susidize something and there will be more of it. (Poor people, bureaucracy, wheat)

Tax something and there will be less of it. (Income, sales, profits)

This second principle needs to be taken into account when we blindly parrot the party line on tax reform next year. I would prefer to tax consumer goods, because most consumer goods are chinese-made junk we don't really need anyway. There are, unfortunately, other principles that must be considered, which is why no one ever says, "I want to be an economist when I grow up."

This is your brain ---> [:)
This is your brain on economics --> }8 0....

Taxation is stealing, but selling services is good. Gas taxes for roads, property taxes for the fire department, income taxes for the military? I don't know, but whenever possible the cost of a government program must be passed on to those who benefit. This ensures that programs are cost effective, and if they're not, well, stop using them.

People suck. This means any tax must innately resist tax evasion. Income tax does this because the employer and the employee must both report wages. There's still cheating, but.. some is inevitable.


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