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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Clever post-modern phrase goes here

Yeah, I'm against illegal immigration, if for no other reason than that allowing a law to be broken with impunity undermines the rule of law itself. On the flip side, unjust laws are made to be broken and the whole concept of territorial sovereignty is a bit suspect. If I own a ranch on the US side of the border, how can the government tell me who I may allow on my property?

Since we're not going to usher in a utopian New World Order soon, I think I'll stick to opposing illegal immigration. An extreme, effective posture would be to put up a few thousand miles of razor wire, dredge the Rio Grande, and make it a misdemeanor to kill illegals.

Whatever; if you want to read about how horrible illiterate day laborers and flea-ridden terrorists are, google for "Michelle Malkin," "immigration," and/or "border crickets." My concern is with the next step toward controlling our borders, adjusting legal immigration rules.

Cheap labor is good for the economy. The ideal end result is that all current American citizens become upper level managers with palatial residences, while the work force is made up of foreigners who toil in sweatshops. The problem is that, over the course of a generation, this mudsill of labor will become citizens, thus leaving us where we started, albeit with a larger and more tanned population.

So we need to enlarge the supply of temporary work visas like H1-Bs. Is that right? No time to fact check, I'm only an ignorant blogger. If the strategy above were followed, we would need a class of work visas that were limited in duration but not restricted to a particular job, although we could limit the top wage payable to the immigrant or somesuch. After five years, we would send the workers packing with their savings and fond memories of the city on the hill, as well as a greater understanding of and appreciation for American culture, freedom, democracy, and consumer goods. We would thus impose American cultural hegemony on the rest of the world by indocrinating class after class of their workers. We would have cheap labor and the ability to compete in perpetuity with Asia, and the only people to complain would be those who do not understand economics and think we are screwing the migrants.

In the short term, we should require all applicants for visas to apply from within their country of origin. We should not run amnesty programs to encourage criminals to rush our borders.

Seriously, although I rarely (never) write about immigration here, I have spent some time studying it. Challenges to my smug self-assurance are welcome.


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