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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Weekend Roundup

Here are a few odd thoughts that I won't ever put into full-rant format. If you're a compulsive surfer, skip on down 2 posts to the latest Johnny American.

1) It seems there's still argument over whether the civil war was about slavery or states' rights. The answer is nuanced, so the truth is whatever you want to spin it as for partisan gain.

I would say states' rights, nominally. Today, we say "the United States is," whereas before 1860 they said "the United States are." Here's the thing. The states' rights issue was caused by slavery. The legality of slavery caused the evolution of a distinct social and economic system, divergent from that of the North. The two systems had totally different needs. The south wanted low tariffs, the North wanted high tariffs. Et cetera. They had no reason to be United, anymore. Then the North started plotting to destroy the South's economy and (crummy) culture.

So... it's all opinion, really.

Jackson is my favorite general. Too bad he had to wander onto a range and get shot 3 times by his own men. That was plain bad luck. Also good marksmanship. Was he standing behind a target or something? Really.

2) The libertarian party is more like a cult than a political party. Visit the stamp in the corner for more information on that.

3) Democracy sucks, but it protects the rights of 51% of the people. Too bad there's not a system that protects the rights of 100%. You'd think that the majority would put safeguards into place to protect them when they became the minority, but they frequently don't.

4) Political Science isn't much of a science, and it was less so in 1789. So we really just lucked out with our constitution.

5) Here's a conversation I had, with family unfriendly portions removed. It revolves around the feedback loop of Pop Culture.

Me: is it wrong to like Lillix for their music? morally wrong? i think it might be
Some guy: bah, only morally wrong according to our culture
Me: so if I do some [edited] and start [edited], [edited] up their [edited] with a [edited] [edited], [edited] Lindsay, [edited], and then eat [edited], it's ok as long as I don't overeat
Some Guy: !
Me: what
Some guy: nothing, lol, gluttony is bad

Edit: I realised that the fourth [edited] was only the word "trailer." I meant tour bus.

Wow, I managed to combine sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Nice. Remember kids, drugs are bad for you. We only want to legalise them because state control is worse than drugs. You don't want to be a smelly hippy.

6) Seriously, Johnny American. He makes the fellas say hey and the ladies want to scream.


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