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Sunday, April 03, 2005

A Peel to Religious Conservatives

While I'm not as pessimistic as QandO about it, I am a little concerned about the activities of you religious conservatives. I mean, I like you guys. I'm religious, though not conservative. I'm radically right. It's just, I think some people are beginning to let their love of their neighbors eclipse their better judgement, just as some on the left let their envy and guilt eclipse their 'better' judgement.

When you come right down to it, the crazy Lefties want to help people; Christians want to help people; losing sight of the original goal is what separates crazy lefties from sane marxist lefties, and religious conservatives from clinic-bombers.

Take the Terri Schiavo thing. I didn't want to comment while she was alive, because the logical construct of the situation requires many if-else choices and some of them are predicated on disputed facts. I agree with federal intervention, because the situation was time-sensitive and there wasn't enough information to be comfortable that justice was being done.

The law was followed. Of course, the reason we have federal appeals is that the law can bring about asinine results. The best solution may not have been reached, but given the number of disputed facts, I think the justice system worked. "Err on the side of life" is a good plan, but any such "benefit of the doubt" principle only changes the point where decisions become questionable. There will still be some situation where there is a good case for death, but some case for life. If this seems like gibberish, well, it's not. Read it again.

Yet many people are calling for the showdown between legislature and judiciary. Despite the gross excesses of the latter recently, I hope that a procedural change of some kind can result in judicial restraint, rather than resorting to a power struggle that the judges might win.

Or take gay marriage. I still maintain that marriage is a religious institution and a binding contract; the government should stay out of it, burn all marriage records, and just enforce the contractual parts. Look at it from the evil capitalist point of view. We will be able to sell a lot more bouqets, food, dresses, tuxes, kegs of beer, and various wedding services, every year. There will also be a higher demand for divorce lawyers. And just think of all the designer furniture they'll buy!

Or take the decency laws. Clothing makes people more attractive, thus increasing the incidence of extramarital sex. And why are we regulating Howard Stern? If you can't make your kids listen to wholesome music like, oh, um, DC Talk, that guy Steve, and um... AC/DC, then you deserve what you get.

No stop signs, speed limit
Nobody's gonna slow me down
Like a wheel, gonna spin it
Nobody's gonna mess me around - AC/DC, Highway to Hell

Oh, right. I was trying to start a dialogue between the wings of the GOP, to avoid any future rift.

See, Christianity and Capitalism are both based on Judaism, with a few minor alterations. This is what makes the GOP alliance so much stronger than the marxist-anarchist-deviant-smelly hippy-good intentions alliance the Democrats have strung together. However, Christianity stresses the "Love thy neighbor" and "Vengeance shall be mine" parts while Capitalism stresses the part with "Thou shalt not steal, or else thou shalt be smitten, not with a moderately attractive coworker, but by the hand of God. In the case of thy smiting, it shall be the more-disappointed-than-angry fist of God..."

If we're God's children, does that make a plague child abuse?

I am actually a devout Christian, to the extent that one can say that about oneself. However, we must not forget that the crusades and the inquisition all seemed like good ideas at the time. We cannot stand idly by while injustice is done, but going on the offensive isn't the solution either. The statistics recently have shown society is getting slightly better, not worse, and we need to try to make this trend continue.

My point is, don't try to make pornography illegal; try to make people stop watching it. Don't restrict liquor sales on Sunday; minister to alcoholics. Don't try to fine Howard Stern for making fart jokes and interviewing porn stars and setting them up with his audience; fight the cause, not the effect.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some serious spot on righteousness in some of that rant, son. Especially the "wrap up" at the end of the piece.

Cheez-It's & ice Cream for everyone!™ [but not necessarily together. eewww]

10:49 PM  

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