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Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Origins Of Effeminem

1) Literal explanation
I needed a handle that reflected my fragmented mind, so I picked a nice 3 in 1 package.
Field Marshal Mathers
Dim Lady
If you're out of touch and need an explanation, google Marshal Mathers, Eminem, and Slim Shady

2) Fanciful explanation
Effeminism is based on changing our society to create a slightly greater gender equality. But why? There is enough legal and social equality now that no one's rights are abridged. Sure, little girls are encouraged to be useless and dependent, but no one forces them. They can be ambitious and successful in any field if they want.

OK, but I'm a clever guy, I'm a narcissist, I live by rights ethics, I barely see the world around me as others see it... Hence I decided Feminism Lite was for me. I want to create a society where it is more likely that the kind of mate I want will exist.

Q: Will, won't you be long dead before that happens? Is this not a mere microcosm of the dream of every utopian to live within his own ideal society?
A: Yes. However, I believe that to increase human happiness, the direction we need to move is towards more rationality and enlightenment. Few would disagree with that; it seems like a truism. Yet we still encourage women to follow role models like the chick in Clueless. Not overtly, but implicitly. And how can Man be happy without a counterpart that complements him?


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