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Friday, April 22, 2005

I'm Gonna Get Court-Martialed For This One...

But here are the coordinates for Area 51: 37.399263 N, 116.223850 W

Just kidding. I mean, those are the coordinates for Area 51, but anyone can go look it up on google and see satellite images. The good stuff's underground.

Incidentally, my dad used to work on water towers and some time in the 1970s he did one for the military. It was near White Sands, NM. It was miles out in the desert, with no other buildings nearby. It had a capacity equivalant to that of a town with 40,000 population. Plus or minus.

But Hanger 18 is common knowledge too, so I thought I'd share some more bits of common knowledge that aren't common.

* I use asterisks because my bullet points are cute flowers.

* Global warming is real, verifiable, and caused by humans. However, it has prevented a semi-apocalyptic ice age from destroying our civilisation.

* 75% of scientistific papers agree on global warming. 25% agree with each other, but not global warming.

  • The environmental movement is a front for the commies. That's why I only recycle under cover of darkness.

* President Bush has not lied to the American people once. He has his cabinet do it. Out of all those bums, there is always at least one who believes the propaganda, so it's not really lying.

* Colin Powell, you poor man.

* Americans are now paying down their credit card debt partially because of higher interest rates. This is also partially because every American owns 2.3 stereos, 1.2 computers, and 15.9 cameras. By June, experts estimate that the number of Play Station Portables will exceed the number of Americans able to use them.

* Experts aren't. I could be considered an expert in dozens of fields, but the press hardly ever calls me. I bring this up because this guy has a video of a professor bluffing a laptop thief, and the melodious Michelle Malkin has a response from an 'expert' debunking the bluff. The 'expert' makes mention of 'junior hackers' and says even they would know that the technical info is false... But the expert is in reality a moron, and the tracking of a stolen laptop when activated in a Wi-Fi zone via its DMAC address is completely possible.

'Junior hackers.' Pfeh. The rest of the response is readily realised to be really reasonable, regarding the reality of the bluff.

* Only freaks and weirdos read blogs on weekends. I did not know this until a recent Saturday post about the topic.

* Rush Limbaugh is popular because most people are distracted from his annoyingness by the necessity of driving.

* Ann Coulter is in no way "hot," except to the elderly, the blind, ideologues, and, well, I'm a nearsighted ideologue and I still don't.... Nevermind.

* The Bush twins don't look like each other.

* Freedom isn't really worth dying for, but you have to be willing to die in order to keep it. That's why freedom fighters are so angry- they have an internal philosophical conflict.

* Actually, they are angry because authoritarianism is a bad thing. *cough* Religious Right, I'm looking at you.

* Obesity isn't really that bad, unless you mind being fat.

Have a pleasant weekend, although I don't see how you can with the genocide in Darfur. Have you so much as written a letter to the editor? No. You're abetting the murderers. Shame on you. Also, your tax dollars fund the UN troops who prostitute little girls. How can you in good conscience pay your tax bill, knowing this, and not even voice a complaint to the government?


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