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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I couldn't make that last post any more unconfusing than it was, so here's something that'll make me look good by comparison- a left-wing blogger! huzzah! Gratuitous ad hominem insults aside, here are some quotes from a Monday post at Leftcoaster:

"As Kos says, this [Sen. Cornyn's remarks on anti-judge violence] in essence is offering a rationale for, and enabling domestic terrorism. Why do DeLay and Cornyn hate America so much?"

My, how the tables have turned. It seems like just yesterday that part of the ideological spectrum was was rationalising terrorism, excusing terrorists, and spewing forth anti-American bile. Who was that? It must have been the nationalist right wing.

Seriously, the senator's remarks were stupid (and they're available at every Leftblog), but it's hard to say how much was partisanship, how much was plain stupidity, and how much was unconscious bias. They were not as bad as they are being spun, of course. The interesting part is next:

"Lastly, if Cornyn and DeLay think that there may be a connection between violence against lifetime appointment judges and their allegedly political decisions, does that mean that DeLay and Cornyn would have found it acceptable if millions of Democrats had made direct threats against the GOP majority in the Bush V. Gore case?"

Cornyn named no names, gave no examples of specific cases, and said nothing overtly partisan. Steve at Leftcoaster just assumes that the activist judges making politically motivated decisions are Democrats. That is a Freudian slip if I've ever seen one.

"Would DeLay and Cornyn somehow excuse any subsequent violence that may have ensued against Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and the rest of the gang by wondering if there were a connection?"

So if Scalia and Thomas were murdered after the decision was made, an attempt to investigate would be a partisan move? Curious.

I honestly don't see how wondering about a connection "excuses" the violence. If I said that crazy right-wing extremists were killing judges for money, that would be explaining the motive. Would that "excuse" the violence? This is typical of left-wing reasoning- not necessarily in a bad way; they just tend to equate money with morality. If someone is poor, it's because someone else is evil. If there is a reason to kill a judge, it makes it less of a crime- therefore there cannot be a reason.

Of course, the actual connection between judicial activism and anti-judge violence is imaginary. Cornyn is jacked up on this one.


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