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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Violence on TV

Here are some helpful guidelines for Effeminist political correctness:

1) Don't project your own idiocy onto your opponents. Assassinate them under cover of darkness, if you must- that's a coherent political statement. Just don't accuse people of holding positions that they have not mentioned. Every moronic (your enemy here) is unique, and should not be stereotyped.

2) There are several thousand traditional racists in the US. Odds are, you are not talking to one. Odds are, when you accuse someone of racism, you are guilty of #1.

3) There are several hundred million sexists in the US. You are one.

4) Being angry is like being drunk. You sound a lot cleverer to yourself than to others.

5) The way people behave, the way they think they behave, and the way they say they behave are unrelated in any way. This includes you.

6) People are not equal. People have equal rights. The tension betweent these statements has caused 60% of the political debates since 1991.

7) There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.

8) Actions speak louder than words. This is because actions have an effect, while words are suitable only for making people like the puppy blender famous.


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