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Thursday, March 17, 2005

There's no sturgeon in AZ- Oh.

I noticed it's possible to read older versions of the WSJ's Political Diary for free, and one from a week ago has a common misconception in it.

"Mr. Carmona's life story would certainly capture the imaginations of many voters, including the 25% of the state's population that is Hispanic." - John Fund

Dr. Carmona is the U.S. Surgeon General, and from a Puerto Rican family, as the article notes. So why the assumption that Arizona's hispanics, primarily of Mexican descent, will identify with him? Politicians and the media commonly paint 'hispanics' as a solid voting block, for some reason, but those from Cuba are very different from those from Mexico, who are different from Columbians. They often have problems understanding each other's language, which is the only thing that ties the 'hispanic' group together. Many second and third generation immigrants are almost completely integrated into the 'white' mainstream.

I'm not sure on this, but I think that the sterotypes of Puerto Ricans by other hispanic groups may be a tad more negative than by the rest of us. Carmona's race may be a negative rather than a positive, though I doubt it will be a factor at all. His story (summarised at that link) is kinda inspiring to anyone, I would think.


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