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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


The buzz is that a lot of right-wingers are PO'd that the Bushes allowed the judiciary to push them around. I prefer not to back up my assertions with 'references,' but here's one of many.

A lot of people are calling the legislators cowards, et cetera, and this is the final step in disillusionment for some people. Bush can't even stand up to a state judge.

We need to test the winds of reality before we sail off the edge of the world. GWBush doesn't have a big problem with backing down. He may make sacrifices to political necessity, but he generally plans these out ahead of time, rather than reversing position.

Unfathomable as it may seem to some, Bush doesn't want to get involved. He does not think Terri Shiavo is being murdered by her abusive, opportunistic husband. Remember, Bush doesn't watch TV much. He doesn't spend hours reading crummy blogs like this one. To him, this is one case of thousands. It seemed like it needed further review, so he signed a bill to let a Fed judge review the case. Then he put it out of his mind.

Is Bush afraid of the political fallout of overruling some judge in the boonies? Non. He is occupied right now with the wave of revolutions sweeping the ME and Asia. He is lobbying for SS phaseout, I mean reform. He is trying to find a way to pass an overhaul of the tax system next year. He is not reading legal briefs about a woman in a hospice.

Most legislators want this to fade away. A few may agree with the pro-life crowd... but not many.


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