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Friday, March 04, 2005


I mean Q&A. Q&A. I wonder if Victoria's Secret sells Freudian slips. Well, here's a little Q&A to soothe that itching curiosityof yor'n.

Q: Will-
A: It's "Maniac."
Q: Riiight. Maniac, what got you started blogging?
A: I wanted to make the world a better place.
Q: By suggesting we import suicide bombers to do the dirty work for your militant and extremist faith?
A: That was a joke. Mostly.
Q: Uh-huh. So how do you propose to accomplish anything?
A: Well, I thought I'd, like, point people towards some philosophy and stuff. Like, I'll admit that "The Art of War" is something conservatives reference to make themselves seem smart, but there are a few good points. But a lot of people have never even heard of John Stuart Mill. I have to educate the plebs. It's part of my duty as part of the patrician class.
Q: Who the hell do you think you are???
A: My identity is a secret.
Q: Your name and location are in your profile.
A: Look, Jonas, if that is your real name-
Q: It's not.
A: Then who are you?
Q: Uh, Will, you're typing this whole exchange.
Q: Are you ok?
A: Yeah... Um, I have to write a new opinion piece... I'll answer more questions later.


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