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Thursday, March 17, 2005

sunlight? Come on.

"If I were a young journalist today, figuring out where I should go to make my career, I would go to China.... I think China is the best place in the world to be an American journalist right now. " - Philip Bennett, via the mesmeric Michelle Malkin and plenty of others on this slow newsday.

Bennett is some WA Post reporter who was interviewed by some chinese reporter and spoke from an MSM (left-wing populist) viewpoint. I'm not too worried about it, but Malkin seems to have a problem with that quote. I think she and others have construed it as saying something good about China or bad about censorship in the US, but the key word is "American." Sure, anything you print over there will be censored by the commies, exactly as the interview was. It's a good spot for an American, though, because he will have a lot of immunity- and China doesn't care what we print back in the US. I agree with Bennett- a young reporter should jump at the chance to report from a foreign country that will be so important in the next few years.

This is MC Provost, signing off. Courage.


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