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Saturday, March 19, 2005


The idea which drives me is that modern philosophy is limited to glib summaries and overviews by English professors; out of this morass comes the occasional real philosopher like Derrida or the crazy Nazi guy, whose ideas of logic and whose premises are so primitive and retarded by their environment that they cannot arrive at meaningful truth.

Also, I am too busy to go get a degree in philosophy, there are no patron nobility to support me, and philosopher is as poor a choice of career as politician.

Truth does not exist in a void, though I will not endeavour to show that in this post; anyone who expects to arrive at truth without empirical evidence, or who tries to govern without ever having been governed, is delusional.

The belief that there is no absolute truth, only disparate, logically self-consistent world views, arose from these delusional philosophers. A 'truth' may be logically consistent, but if explored enough it will eventually describe observeable reality, and if it is not consistent with reality, it is not truth. Eventually, by deduction, it should be possible to discount every supposed 'truth' except the correct one.

Socialism, for example, may be perfectly logical and self consistent, just as Capitalism is, but one of the two conflicts with reality. *coughcommiescough* Socialism doesn't claim to be truth, per se, but a practical application of truth; since socialism does not work, the truth behind it must therefore be flawed.

This does not necessarily disprove relativism, but that will require a lot of writing. It doesn't even disprove the moral basis behind socialism, but rather the practical basis.

- Field Marshal Mathers


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