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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Powerlines are Dangerous, kids.

Never lean your 25 foot extension ladder against one.

Powerline is a great blog- they research their stories, they have "rational" "thoughts," and they all supposedly have jobs. So, in ode to their greatness, I'm using them as an example of a popular but flawed thought pattern.
[a criticism]
"But our concern is not that blogs will be eliminated, just regulated." - Deacon of Powerlineblog.com

This is a concern for larger blogs, at least in terms of transition costs moving to the new system. However, the beauty of right wing thought is in the following proof:

(Axiom - See Locke, Descartes) Liberty is a natural right
(Theorem - see Mill) Free speech is a right
(Axiom - see Locke, DOI, Exodus) Rights are inviolable.
(Theorem - see Thoreau) We may resist government intrusion on our rights.
(Theorem - see me after class) It is easy to be anonymous on the internet.

Therefore, regulating speech on the internet is impracticeable for the USGOV.

In a worst case scenario, which will under no circumstances arise, there would be a total ban on political speech on blogs, under pain of disembowelment. It would take approximately 45 minutes for a web wiz to become totally anonymous. The largest problem is paying server costs anonymously, but we can count on Paypal to take care of that by day 2, if they haven't already.

For the famouser blogs, such as Powerline, the problem is a temporary loss of hits, until the public figures out their new secret identities. I suppose they would be put under surveillance and/or taken to re-education camps. Tis sad, but the power of the blogosphere does not lie in its supernodes, but in the overall organisation and parameters of the network- average IQ, available bandwidth, free time, number of blogs, et cetera.
By the way, I've having difficulty finding anything about network information theory. Of course I know everything, but I need links so I don't have confused readers.[/elitism]


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