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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Policy Paper 1 - Abstract

If you haven't noticed, the un-crazy anarchists of the Neolibertarian Network have taken pity on me. That's right: un-crazy anarchists.

Sure, Libertarianism is great in theory, but progress towards that lofty ideal is stalled. Why? Among the several thousand main problems:

*Libertarian Party is coalition between utopians and pot-smoking hippies.

*Bitter divisions between different types of anarchists.

*By the way, Anarchy is not a good way to describe Libertarianism.

*LP candidates consist of self-aggrandising wackos and pot-smoking hippies.

*No practical policy suggestions.

This last is the main problem. Sure, the ultimate goal is some sort of utopian society, but there are cautionary tales from the utopian societies that currently exist. Oh, wait- there are none.

There are disagreements on the ultimate goals, et cetera, but the Neolibertarian ideal, as I see it, solves these problems as follows:

Be realistic.

There can be differing approaches, but here's my preliminimary recommendations.

*Propose small, incremental changes, like the major parties (the ones that get votes).

*Push harder for those issues where there is popular support, like 2nd amendment rights, tax relief, government non-interference in social issues, and deregulation. We'll have to euphemistically call deregulation "reform," which it is.

*People suck. This is why cutting pork does not work. The system has to be adjusted so that the general suckiness of people isn't a factor. Checks and Balances.

*More propaganda. The key to changing society for the better is to actually change society, by education and reason. The ideals of personal freedom and justice for those who take freedom away are not fringe ideas.

*When a pollster calls, say you're going to vote Libertarian, then go vote for a major party. This way, we can have an idea of the real support for third party candidates. If one actually has a chance to win, then vote for them. This recommendation needs to be spread around- it will get people to consider our positions more carefully, it will give us a real picture of the support for 3rd parties, and it will encourage the growth of the movement.

I'll add more as I think of them, but the overall idea is that there is an ideal and reality, and that confusing these two leads to political irrelevance. We should try to bring reality in line with the ideal, but slowly, carefully, and with the willingness to admit when it's not working.


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