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Friday, March 25, 2005


I didn't mean to pick on the National Organization of Women in the last "Adventures of Johnny American," by the way. Although they never spoke out against Clinton's sexual harassment or the UN's systematic rape of little girls, I've heard rumors that the NOW has a useful function.

I've no doubt, however, that some of the members are also the insane feminazis who would do this. Thanks to the fox- um, to Displacethoughts for first bringing it to my attention. It's been a few days but I was a little peeved and didn't want to comment on it while my personal feeling might've interfered. I also hoped for more information about the case.

What seems to have happened is: A 14 year old girl was "raped." Given what we know about human nature, peer pressure, and the idiocy of youth, it's hard to determine exactly what happened there. The fact that no charges seem to have been filed indicate that aspect of the case is murky.

Then, the mother of the male that impregnated the girl took the girl to an abortion clinic. Right here is where effeminism is particularly outraged. There is a very strong chance that the girl did not make her own decision to kill the fetus. I can say "kill," right? Like you "kill" a wart? I won't have protestors at my doorstep because of my provincialisms?

The mother, the legal guardian of the girl, arrived at the clinic before the procedure was performed. According to Illinois police who arrived later, she had a legal right to see her daughter, but she was instead arrested and evicted by a feminazi. According to Hearsay, a person at the clinic said, "It’s your daughter’s rights, it’s her body. You have no rights.”

Well, in a legal sense that may be true. If not, then someone is going to prison. I question the right of anyone to perform an elective medical procedure on a child who has been kidnapped. "Kidnapped" may be a harsh word. It is a little shorter than, "Taken from school by an unrelated adult on false pretenses and against the will of the parents."

The 'rights' of the girl are another point I find interesting. From what I've seen, children have no legal rights whatsoever, except to live. Except for feti. And except for some babies in intensive care. And I assume that if a child were in a coma, the family could remove its feeding tube despite the lack of informed consent.

I know that minors can have millions in cash and still be unable to open a checking account. Obviously, a bank wouldn't extend credit- but it is actually a state law that no minor can do that. They cannot ride motorcycles without helmets, or drive. I agree with these, with qualifications that do not belong here.

The only legal right a child has is to have an abortion, apparently. Truancy is illegal- but to get an abortion, I guess it's ok. Doesn't this violate equal protection? What if a little boy wants his ears pinned back?

Illinois is in trouble if it's trusting children's medical decisions to be made by interested strangers. Here are some other people who are guilty of criminal neglect.

*"the school had been warned not to release the girl to anyone but her parents or grandfather. The ‘grandmother’ took the girl" - lifesitenews.com . Ok. So if I tell the school that a pedophile specifically threatened to kidnap my (theoretical) daughter, and they should not release her from school, they would just lose that tidbit in a file cabinet somewhere? In such a situation, I would shoot first and ask questions later. Literally. I'm originally from Texas. Be warned. This is definitely worth a firing, but since it is more likely the system that is flawed than the receptionist, the person in charge of the system will have to do. Principal, maybe. Ultimately, a financial judgement against the school district would be more likely. Good thing we have a public school system. Nothing here to be fixed by deregulation... nope, not at all.

* The clinic employee who tried too hard to contemplate the concept of natural rights, mentioned above.

* The mother of the fetus's father. Kidnapping and probably a couple minor frauds.

* The fetus. Oh, wait- we already executed it.

* I cannot cast blame on the parents of the girl, because there are possible scenarios where they are blameless. It seems likely that they could have either kept a closer watch on their daughter, or filed rape charges before the case went 'stale.'

So there you have it. Judge not lest ye be judged, but I would be willing to take a few beatings if justice was served more often.


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