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Friday, March 04, 2005

It's becoming unstable! Abort! Abort!

"...in a recent case, the Supremacists discovered a clause in the Constitution specifically stating that a 14-year-old is mature enough to abort the life of her child without parental consent. Now, in Roper v. Simmons, they've found a contradictory clause, which avers that a 17-year-old is not mature enough to be held accountable for capital murder." --the Federalist Patriot

You know, we really ought to do something about the parental consent thing. Thanks to our education system and permissive culture, people under the age of 23 have no sense of reality whatsoever. That's why we take away the rights of minors to liberty and property and delegate those rights to their parents. Same thing with fetuses and the right to live- they can't cry, therefore we don't have to acknowledge their existence. So it seems to me that a major medical procedure should require the parents' consent- especially in the case of abortion, where there are potential side effects and complications that have to be watched for.

It also seems like if fourteen-year-old girl finds out she's pregnant- which is a logistical problem in itself- she would be TOTALLY FREAKED OUT OH MY GOD WHAT AM I GONNA DO and unfit to make a rational decision. If she's afraid to tell her parents and ends up talking to one of the really crazy people- the ones who promote abortion like it's a fun vacation or something- she'll latch onto the authority figure and have the abortion.

The problem is, there's a decent chance that her whole value system runs against abortion, she just isn't mature enough to follow it religiously. So she'll have emotional trauma for the next ten years.

Now, I doubt that any girl under 16 is likely to get to a clinic on her own anyway, but if my daughter had an abortion without my knowledge, and I later found out, I hope I would be sued for assault. That would imply I was out of ammunition.

The reality is that most girls who would have an abortion have parents that support abortion, so it's not all that bad. It's the principle of the thing. Children have no rights (unless they take them with superior resolve and planning).

So, what do we do? Take to the streets? I think we ought to impeach whoever wrote the majority opinion. It would take, I believe, a two-thirds vote of the senate, which we might be able to get. might. I doubt it. If everyone was focused on this one ruling and the activism/disregard for constitutionality of the judge, then it might make it. That won't happen.

Well, we can at least add it to the protest agenda. "What do we want? Permission slips!"


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