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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I just realised Bingo was a K-9. Ha.

You have to wonder why they would subpoena someone without any information. The prosecutors basically took someone's right to Liberty for no reason- some relationship to a suspect. And the funny thing is, other than the fact they subpoena'd a dog, they appear not to have questioned the suspect's brother. Yet they issued a subpoena, and potentially could have caused the dog to miss work. If you make somebody miss work, in my opinion, you better have a very good reason.

Hecuba, I prefer not to call anyone/be called at work unless it's an emergency. It's called professionalism. Geeze. What if the dog was unemployed and had an important interview? "Oh, I can't make it Tuesday, I'm testifying in a murder trial." That's not going to help his chances.

Subpoena is equivalent to arrest, but not as itchy. There should be a minimum standard to issue one.

Of course, if it were a person, it might make sense. The point is the prosecutors are inept authoritarian tyrants and should be executed for the imprisonment of an innoce- let me rethink this and get back to you.


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