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Thursday, March 24, 2005

How queer. DMN! DMN!

I find the gay marriage debate tiresome. We all know that it will eventually be legal, and we will be empowering a couple percent of the population to do certain things that are never really spelled out. Adopt kids? They can. Live together? They can. The emotional trauma of not being able to marry the person you love is pretty harsh. After all, it's not a real marriage unless some people thousands of miles away say it is. A relationship can't exist without the State.

And The State of Nevada knew that man needed a partner; and so he created him a moderately attractive woman, telling them, "Be fruiful. Go forth and multiply. Fill ye the trailer parks and apartment complexes with thine issue, and their number shall be greater than the grains of sand in Clark County."

As you all know, I'm in favor of the abolition of all marriage in a legal sense, although there are dimensions to this that are problematic. However, since the problems are all caused by the governement and the regulation of marriage in the first place, that is no reason to keep interfering in the institution.

Hey, that's a slogan. Deregulate Marriage Now! DMN sounds too much like "demean," though.

Anyway, my point is that one side keeps using the SSA, "What's next? Polygamy? Legalizing incest?" And the gays come back with, "No, of course not."

First of all, I find it humorous that homosexuals would question the morality of two consenting adults just because they're a little related.

Secondly, polygamy would be the next rational step. Polygamy isn't even immoral, under certain societal conditions. I know I would get hate mail over that, if anyone cared about my opinion, but read the Bible carefully, and then the Quran, and then the Kama Sutra, and try to find a religion that frowns on polygamy. If adultery is legal, than polygamy should be as well.

So really, the slippery slope argument is correct in this case.

"But legalizing all those bad things will legitimize them!"

Only if you belive that the state has moral authority. The larger issue is that we have no reason to illegalize all these things. When in doubt, err on the side of Liberty. Yes, we will one day be destroyed by God for all this sinning, but that's going to happen anyway.


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