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Monday, March 07, 2005

Get your vaccine, while supplies last

About the bankruptcy bill:

"Supporters of the bill are determined to ignore the empirical data that shows about 50% of bankruptcies are traceable to medical emergencies ...as if it was immoral and irresponsible to have a heart attack or get laid off." --Ryan Spear, on TPM's new bankruptcy blog

First off, I'm sure you wonder why I like Talking Points Memo so much. It is because it is honest- it is a ceaseless barrage of left-wing talking points, as the name suggests. Still wrong, of course. Now on to the commentary.

"as if it was immoral... to have a heart attack"

Well, let's see. Is it immoral to carve out someone else's heart to replace your own? Yes. Is it immoral to steal medicine from other people who also need it? Yes. There is a limited supply of health care (in some ways), and if you prefer to live without paying your bills, aren't you denying someone else life? Hmmm, this is verging on another Dystopia of the Day.

This is a larger issue with our health care system. It is now possible to prolong your life by forty years or more, if you have a treatable disease or accident. Soon it may be possible to live to be 154, with the right cocktail of expensive drugs. How can we ethically let anyone die, under those circumstances? We say that we can't place a value on a human life, but the reality is that the value of a human life is a lot less than we think. The EPA says an American is worth 6 million $US, which seems a bit high to me.

So should we spend a million bucks a year to keep elderly retired people alive? No. Not at our current GDP. Sorry. What, then, makes us think we have the right to decide that our life is valuable enough to make other people pay for it?

It costs 100,000$US to save one life. So, if you exceed that in unpaid medical bills, that makes you a murderer. Right?


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