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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Eww, I got it on me.

Government waste. It makes me feel dirty. Well, not really.

I'm talking about the near-complete stop of work at Los Alamos. It costs, what, a million bucks a day to run the place? I see a total cost estimate of $850,000,000 on their site. It is instrumental in developing the technologies we'll need in 15 years to fight China. It has long been a symbol of our national technological superiority, since the Manhattan Project stopped the war in the Pacific, saving lives and preventing the Soviets from getting a foothold there.

Work has finally resumed, mostly, somewhat, but the culture is seriously jacked up. Read their blog for details.

The root cause of this work stop was a concern by management- incompetent management, by report- about safety. The lab in charge of building crust-busters is worried about safety. This is part of a larger social decadence.

That's why I call the plebs plebs. We are decadent, like the Roman Empire. Eason Jordan resigned because people called him names. Look, if I said something treasonous, I wouldn't resign. I would say, "hey, I misspoke, suck it up, plebs." People constantly call for the president to resign. Enron steals your baby's milk? Someone should resign. At Los Alamos- lasers are dangerous. wah wah wah. My culture of death could fix all that- oh, wait, that was a gag post. Hmm.

Fox News is complaining too, about all the song lyrics that revolve around how "everyone hates me, I don't have a cool car, my parents didn't buy me a pony." In defense of Simple Plan, their target audience is young teenagers, and although they have vacuous lyrics and uninspired instruments, the tunes are catchy. Plus they're Canadian, so the reporter didn't do his homework. His observations about the entitlement culture are still valid, however.

My point? Government waste is caused (partially) by a lack of willingness to take risks by those working in the public sector. Despite the billions spent by NASA on safety, there are still accidents. That money could've been better spent on science (or tax cuts for the rich) than on trying to eliminate the last decimal place of statistical risk.

We need to stop rewarding malaise and start rewarding initiative. Huzzah. Accomplishing that... well, we should vote for risk-takers in the primaries. We shouldn't crucify public figures if they take a good risk and lose. Of course, there is smart risk and idiot-risk, so..... just think about it.

And later- the Ethermind Project revealed!


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