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Sunday, March 13, 2005


Under my nom de guerre "Effeminem," I try to promote my rightwing radical version of gender equality- which I jokingly dubbed effeminism. The handle, by the way, is a derivative of another handle, not necessarily a play on "effeminate."

So I was at this chick's blog (chick is the feminine form of dude; no sexism there) and she posted about the discussion on diversity, and she mentioned what I had noticed, but hadn't thought about: that the most popular bloggers are white males. We are used to this, because due to entrenched economic facts and social roles, white males dominate the USGOV and business. Thanks to the enforcement of the Civil Rights act and the mass brainwashing of our youth with moralistic cartoons, various types of minorities are increasing their market share and, I assume, will eventually be represented proportionally.

But in the blogosphere, anyone can start a blog for free (though good urls and servers cost money). No one knows a blogger's gender, nationality, or handicaps, unless they disclose them. Why have white males dominated? Well, obviously, we combine slightly above average intelligence with obsessive competitiveness. No, no, that's not right. This chick, referenced by the other chick, [edit, see below] has some good explanations. Of course, she's a leftie, so statistically she's bound to be wrong. The compulsive linking guy seems to be on top of this.

'Problem': unexplained white male supremacy in a realm that recognises neither gender nor race.
Possible Causes: Mayhap it's because white males have more computers and use them more, or for any of a zillion other reasons.
Solution: It should right itself eventually, and if not, well, the invisible hand knows what it's doing, I suppose. I'm not personally opposed to cultural domination by white males anyway.

Plenty more to be said, by this chick and doubtless countless others. I realised that I haven't done a post on Effeminism yet! Here it is.

Conservatives tend to discount feminism because most self-described feminists are wackos with deep-seated emotional issues and/or organic brain damage that impairs their ability to function in society. Hmm, that may have been a harsh over-generalisation. (Paint with a broad brush, get done quicker, that's my motto.) Regardless of its validity, that is the perception, and as a result their pms-induced ravings are ignored.

True, we have achieved legal equality for women, and no more legal reforms are needed, in my opinion. However, we have not achieved social equality. I don't believe social equality can be legislated, nor that the government should attempt it if it were possible. We have to do it ourselves. Why do I care? I care because I wish there were a larger pool of effective female leaders and thinkers to draw from for governmental, industrial, and recreational purposes.

We must start by understanding the biological differences and resulting behavioral differences of men and women. This is the most interesting topic in evolutionary psychology.

Three Principles of Effeminism

I won't go into detail, and feminism covers this, but 1) some social structures that are not overtly sexist were designed in the past for primarily male use and are ill equipped for females. For example, delivering and feeding a baby makes it nearly impossible to participate in anything (work, school, water skiing) for the duration. Many tasks require total concentration, all day, and a solid block of time with no interruption. It is nearly impossible, if not totally, to have a baby during a semester at university. Classes cannot be resumed where they were left off. That means that a month or two of incapacity can cause a setback of a year in the educational process. There are other examples, though they are hard to think of becaue they are so subtle.

2) The behavioral differences are reinforced unnecessarily. Perhaps woman are naturally more 'nurturing' than men, but that is no reason to play into the stereotype and give them nothing but baby dolls to play with. Women can contemplate the beauty of clever engineering too. Hooah Legos. I'll digress with a personal experience that left me speechless for about ten minutes.

I was at my blood brother's house with him and his decades-younger sister, 4 at the time. I noticed her getting into somebody's makeup, and my male intuition suddenly went to work.
"I don't think you're supposed to be playing with that," I said. The four year old girl looked up at me, face like an angel on a badly adjusted TV, and said, "I have to look pretty for my boyfend."

I just stared at the kid for a couple minutes. There are so many emotionally crippling assumptions in that statement that I don't know where to begin, but the point is that she did not come up with this on her own. Her mother and much older sister probably played some small role. She will one day join the ranks of the socially warped underclass whose momentum is destined to cause the apocalypse. Wonderful.

3) Men and women may not be equal, but then, men aren't equal. Tough luck. Any creature with the ability to demand equal treatment deserves equal treatment. As a capitalist, my response is to let them all starve in the cold equally. I would try to integrate women into the military though. Non-combat units are already integrated, and the problems seem very minor. I would try it with combat units. However, the primary goal is combat effectiveness, and part of equal treatment is taking real differences into account. The differences between the sexes shouldn't be exaggerated, however, and most of them are differences of degree, so creating a strict rule based on a sterotype may not be a good idea.

That's the end of that. Effeminism seems simple, as do all good designs, but the execution is difficult and will likely only be accomplished through generations. First, we must raise children with gender neutral values such as determination, goal-oriented planning, and empathy. Men and women may be competitive in different ways because of different reproductive needs, but both boys and girls should be taught not to back away from competition. Et Cetera. Second, we must design social institutions so that they do not unnecessarily favor one gender to the detriment of the other. Third, we must ourselves be dispassionate and treat others equally. This, in theory, extends to not tipping cute waitresses extra. That is why I doubt it will be accomplished in our generation.

If I have seemed a little vague on recommendations, it is because so many social changes would be personal preference.

This is Effeminem, signing off. Courage.

[edit: Chris Nolan is a chick, which I probly should have researched, not that that affects the validity of her writing. I still feel like a failure. I'll go thrash myself with a palm branch now.]


Anonymous Chris Nolan said...

Thanks for the link but I'm not a man. And even though I live in San Francisco I have no plans to become one.

3:43 PM  

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