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Monday, March 14, 2005

Dystopia of the Day

After my excessively long post on effeminism, I thought back... to my idea for a social structure that would compliment the natures of males and females more effectively.

First, polygamy would be common. The family unit would resemble a herd of horses, with one alpha male serving the females. The other males either run wild or protect the herd from predators, waiting for their chance to displace the alpha male.

This would be a cause of constant and extreme competition between males, which is great for the economy as well as evolution, depending on the nature of the competition. The males would all have the opportunity to become an alpha male. They would also be better able to concentrate on everything else, with the possibility of copulation removed.

The females would benefit in that they wouldn't have to deal with males as much. The large number of deaths among males would mean that females would form a majority of society and be indispensable in the workplace, ensuring economic equality if not supremacy. As a side benefit, the toilet seat would always be left down.

There would be no shortage of volunteers for military duty, as money and prestige are indispensible and the males in lower lower classs can most easily get these from enlistment. People would be more willing to take risks, as the status quo of "get by and someone will settle for you eventually, then you can have 2.3 kids and a Ford" would no longer exist.

Actually, if we were to follow the horse paradigm, it wouldn't be quite this bad. The best effect of the system, in my self-righteous opinion, is that it would end the excuse of "all the good men are taken" and prevent females from breeding with scum. Anyways,

This is ManiaC Provost, signing out. Courage.


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