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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Dystopia of the Day

I woke up from a thin-mint induced haze to the thought that it would be sad if Michael Schiavo was telling the truth. Then I thought about the culture-of-life argument to the death penalty, which seems the weakest to me. I would be more in favor of a culture of death- not like the kamikazes in the middle east, but kinda like...

There would be public service commercials-
"Life is Precious. Screw it up and face the consequences."
"Don't mess with Texas. This is your only warning."
"Trespassers will be mourned."

I think that this promotion of death as something to be feared, as a penalty for destroying life, would have the effect of making people value life more highly. Familiarity breeds contempt, we never appreciate what we have until it's dangling over a bridge, etc etc.

People would start arguing over every technicality in favor of life, as they are wont to do. "Well, he premeditated the act, but the intent wasn't to kill and there is reasonable doubt that neglect caused the death..." How much easier would it then be to say that this is wrong?

I would abolish the 'death penalty'- wha? That makes no sense- Hear me out. We would replace it with an "Organ Donor Plus" program. A capital criminal would be placed in the program and his DNA would be on file. If someone needs an organ, we have it on demand! Think of the lives that could be saved. The beauty of my plan is that there is no need for executioners. Some inmates would find it difficult to live without a bladder, but they made that choice when they decided to drink and drive, now didn't they? This would be just like the Schiavo case- we wouldn't be killing the inmates, we just wouldn't be providing them with the ability to live. Nice and clean.

I would also launch a massive re-education campaign, in Arizona and many other states, to teach people that cars have the right of way. Even if they don't - they still do. It's common sense. What's black and white and red all over? You, after you walk in front of an LTD.

Together, we can help build a culture of death that respects the rights of the individual to live, protects unborn fetal tissue, and reduces recidivism by 100% for serious crimes.


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