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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Aww, that's messed up

Apparently there's some hottie known as "etherpundit" who thinks I 'jacked' her 'name.'

"EtherHOUSE, EtherPUNDIT — accept no substitutes!"

A careful google search reveals that Ethermind is a wireless technology. I mean, ether is kind of a common word, dude. Besides, my name is ManiaC. YEEEEAAAARGHH!!!!! Thanks for the link though.

Oh yeah, I like romantic walks in the moonlight too.

Enough of that. I ordered a digital camera for the Ethermind Project, and made inquiries about purchasing a girl scout. I figured I would eventually save money on cookies that way, plus have a handy photographer, but the police said that that was a poorly thought out idea. Just wait till they see the Project in action. Then they'll know what a poorly thought out idea is.

I'm going to start doing Right Wingnut book reviews on Friday, so you people know what to read besides Ayn Rand and Machiavelli. I'd do one now, but I'm under the impression Republicans have jobs during the week.

What else, what else... I know there was something.... Oh yes, the Dystopia of the Day will now be a regular feature (just not every day).


Anonymous EtherPundit said...

You have to admit, the names could be confusing. I mean, I would hate it if "ether" one of us was confused with the other. Thanks for calling me a "hottie," though. How did you know?

I'm glad you also enjoy romantic walks in the moonlight -- but the reference to the Gowanus canal is a Brooklyn in-joke. Here it is, in all its romantic moonlight splendor: http://www.nyc.gov/html/dep/html/news/gowanus.html

4:44 AM  

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