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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Veritas Ex Machina

The Right Wing is very effective... too effective. The AARP has emerged as the biggest opponent to SS accounts, so a lot of pundits and sites like spectator.org and usanext.org are working to discredit them. USA Next may not be a real organisation anyway if we're to believe that article... So we're discrediting the AARP. Ok, it had to be done sooner or later. The fourth item here is about the polling battles. Psh.

I'm just surprised at how swiftly ads and whatnot have appeared.

Our propaganda machine also has its peasant brigades, our equivalent of DUers. They are less numerous, I hope, than the DUers, but they are still a liability. At the DNC's official blog, the more moderate Dems live in fear of the Right Wingnuts. I would be too, if I were a leftie, listening to the plebs talk about marching liberals into death camps. Given the psychotic state of the Democratic Party, it must seem too real for comfort. On the other hand, HAHAHA.
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The SS politicing is a textbook example of how a propaganda machine is supposed to work. Bush is refusing to introduce any real proposals until he has enough support to win. This stops his opponents' attacks, and puts the entire process on his schedule. The main opponents of The Plan are being targeted and dismembered. Straw men are being created and knocked down, every time a GOPer says he opposes privatisation but supports personal accounts. The plebs are browbeating each other with talking points.

The thing that bothers me is that most of these Right Wingers have no idea what's really going on. The potential for abuse on the part of Republican leadership is huge.


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