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Sunday, February 27, 2005


I hate to bump my super-big exciting Psychic Exclusive down, but.... Life goes on.

In this case, it's an old story we've all been ignoring for a week, though Tim Blair and others have mentioned it. It's the fact that UN peacekeepers are murdering, pillaging rapists. That's not the straw that broke the camel's back- it's the I-beam that smashed the camel into camel jelly.

So Kofi is incompetent- so what. The UN leadership is excessively corrupt- I suppose we can reform it, or take the loss, and allow them to disrupt the world for personal profit. The resources are pathetic- UNICEF can barely make it into India (check the date on that link) and we are left holding their coat, as usual. Now that the ground forces have been revealed to be 1) totally useless, by turning a blind eye to smuggling in Iraq, and 2) capital criminals who might be facing death in the US, it's time to consider cutting funding to the UN. Oh, they did admit that their own incompetence has probably armed terrorists with WMD by now.

Perhaps we should allow the UN to just... fade away..

I would support a corrupt and useless UN. I would support a UN with no function other than to abort babies in third world countries and mediate disputes with the Soviet Union. Oh, wait... I would NOT support an organisation whose sole purpose is paying its employess at our expense to oppose our goals and perpetrate human rights abuses.

I'm going to call somebody. My senators are McCain and Kyl, not that I expect a response. Join my poorly-thought-out crusade to harass our government about its UN support.

Senate contact info @ http://senate.gov/
House contact info @ http://house.gov/


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