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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Mubareck, Where Art Thou

So the Pharoah is instituting a theoretical reform, and allowing other candidates to run for the presidency of Egypt. Good for him, but- why?

First, we have to stereotype Egypt. They aren't really a bad country, they just have bad influences. They're not so much evil, as they are part of the Axis of Mishief with Libya, Cuba, and Quebec.

Still, this isn't a benevolent gesture on the part of a dictator ready to retire to the Hamptons. Egypt was not on the brink of revolution, nor was it on the USGOV hit list. Still, there is a wave of democratic reform sweeping the Middle East, and a faux reform may ease unrest. Mubarek is now being called the "mentor of freedom and democracy" by his subj- peon- uh, the citizenry. His popularity will now ensure that he will win the elections, thus making the reform meaningless for 6 or 12 years. There are other protections for the incumbent, as well, so Mubarek won't lose his job.

The Pharaoh loses nothing, and gains some popularity, and makes the world a better place. It's not a well-thought-out plan, but a decision based on marginal gain. Granted, he might still nuke Israel into glass if he had the opportunity, but it's an improvement. This reform maintains the momentum of the democratisation Over There,so who knows- today's announcement may be the tipping point where the balance is shifted to worldpeace(TM).

Or Bin Laden may seize the opportunity to mobilise his agents in Cairo, unify the ME under a new Caliphate, and eventually conquer the planet and slaughter our children. That's a tad less likely.


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