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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Funny Ideas

This post is part II, and part of an ongoing analysis of human nature generally and Left-wing idiocy specifically. Part I is, like, right below it.

We are all products of our environments, to a certain degree. When trying to find the flaws in an idea, I always look at the thought process that formed the idea, and what blank spots and assumptions the though process contains; that thought process is a result of environment. Understand the environment and you can understand the idea. (That's why I'm so cryptic- can't let you steal my thoughts and then tear apart my illogical ranting)

Karl Marx's environment was academia. Like all students, he worked in theory, ignoring little matters like wind resistance and the weak nuclear force. He produced a political system that works in theory.

Marx's biggest supporters are still college professors who cannot separate reality, with its infinite unknown variables, from theory. Working political systems, such as ours, are built on ideals and knowledge of how real people behave. Of course, our constitution was also written by men who gained power by being smart, rather than by having RPG's and uzis- that might have helped a tad.

Empirical data is always good, because a Linear Approximation (like communism) always falls short of a function with spare variables built in (like capitalism). Our country is more like a crudely drawn line graph, but it's still better than the linear regression method of nation building. Whelp, I'm off.


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