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Monday, February 21, 2005

Funny, I had pork last night

Gov. Schwarzenegger (R-CA) is going to Washington. Apparently, California realised that it only gets .79$US for every buck it pays in federal taxes, and it doesn't want to get shortchanged. Rather than face the obvious- that that's how the rest of us feel about taxes, too- and stop voting for tax increases, the Governator and a bipartisan menagerie are headed to DC to Bring Home The Bacon. Fair enough, I suppose, kinda...

Everybody hates Pork, and it consumes 23 Billiondollars a year, yet it just won't go away. Of course, your project is actually worth what we spend. The reality is that some programs, like NASA, disproportionately benefit one region, like Houston, TX. No one will agree to put the JSC in Clear Lake unless their metropolitan area gets something, and when all the deals are made, Anchorage ends up with a billion dollars for interpretive dance and street theatre. So what can we do?

Well, we can go ahead and give CA a few thousand border security guards, as we were planning to do but never did. We get security, CA gets jobs, everyone wins. But wait- there's more. How about we send some to sunny Arizona, providing jobs for the people crazy enough to live in the desert, and cut some of AZ's pork as part of the deal? This method of nipping and tucking unwanted fat could be a great innovation in the field of quit wasting our money YOU MORONS.

Instead of trading in boondoggles named after Robert Byrd, we could trade in insignificant programs that might have a benefit, somewhere.

The Californians- what do they want? A refund of the other .21$us? A bailout for the massive debt that my pals in Houston put the state into? Another 10 lane highway to fill with traffic jams, thus destroying the Ozone even as they listen to Air Amerika on the way to vote Green?

If the Governator really wanted federal bling, he would've come equipped with a plan. I hope his grandstanding for the plebs doesn't hurt the national party. Of course, when the delegation gets shot down, What's-his-name might say it's Fiscal Discipline. That would be worth a laugh or two.


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