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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Funny haha, or funny like me?

You know what's funny? In real life I am hilarious. I make girls wet themselves- though it's usually more due to the high-precision driving than the witty repartee. By the way, I'll be looking for another new car soon. Anyway, I was reading the attempts at humor over at IMAO when I realised that I could just do that and become famous- I could have dozens upon several readers, just like Frank J!!!!!! Not that he actually blogs anymore- he's more of a blog poser- or bloser.

This is a post about metaanalysis. See, meta- means affecting something. Metamagic is magic that affects magic- up there, I was metablogging, or blogging about blogging, as a lot of blosers have been doing lately. When I rap at underground parties and sling rock to the kids there, I rap about rapping- metarapping. (That last statement, and the activities in it, are low-tech posing. By the way, this digression is metaanalysis of my own comments.)

So what's the big deal? Well, Meta- is tool used by GT Kids(TM). By GT Kinds(TM), I mean those people who are singled out as kids as Gifted and Talented. They are taught (by normal, non-gifted teachers) that being Gifted and Talented requires 1) cynicism, 2) moral equivalency, and 3) Lots and lots of meta-.

See where I'm going with this? That's why a lot of GT Kids(TM) end up being pseudointellectual post-liberal elitists (say that 3 times). That's why so many academicians are Lefties. That's why left ideologues tend to occupy the upper-middle education spectrum.

Why are GT Kids(TM) taught these things? Well, because that's what the average person thinks intellectualism is. They then teach the intellectual children to have these values, although no person, usually, can comprehend the intellectual level above their own.

I personally don't like to stratify people into Braingroups(TM), because ultimately it is hard work and methodical thought that produces wisdom (useful knowledge). High intelligence speeds up the process bit, but cannot create wisdom unless the process takes place.

That's one facet of my method to analysing public figures. enjoy. discuss. Meet me for dinner, if you're ever in Tempe.


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