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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Unification Through Deregulation

It occurs to me that as countries deregulate, their economic and political systems become more similar to each other. Thus, the goal of unified world government could be achieved more effectively by libertarianism than by the brutal authoritarianism that the UN hopes to impose one day.

In the real world, a society is more than the sum of its government regulations. It is composed of history, culture, shared values, countercurrents of these, civil institutions, fashion trends, accidents, and sunk costs. So even two identical governments could rule completely different countries. Whereas Iceland was a functioning anarchy for centuries, and the USA was once populated by free people who governed themselves, other cultures with a less evolved zeitgeist plunge into barbarism when you take the boots off their necks.

Power structures form in a vacuum, and expand until they can expand no further; gradually, they can become less centralized. This is the typical progression from chaos, to tribalism, to Monarchy, to aristocracy, to democracy, and thence to anarchy.

Sadly, the evolution of society is not an inevitable progression of the historical dialectic, as some idiots would like to believe.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Anti-Drone Missiles for all Americans

Item 1) The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Item 2) There are at least 5 million AR-15 rifles in private hands in the US.

Item 3) We are on the cusp of being technologically and economically capable of producing military grade firearms in the home via 3-D printing, not to mention mail order micro-industry and local machine shops.

Item 3) The Obama Administration today releassed a 16 page legal document stating that they can blow up American citizens, in the United States, without so much as a trial, a warrant, or probable cause. This violates the 5th, 10th amendments as well as Habeus Corpus and Posse Comitatus.

Therefore, we must immediately move to design and produce an open-source anti-aircraft system for home use in the United States.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I don't understand why some Atheists are so angry. Well, I do- their anger at the world and their rejection of the existence of God stem from the same emotional issues. But let's pretend that all Atheists are, in fact, basing their position on a rational analysis of fact. Some are. A flawed logic, perhaps, but logic nonetheless.

Essentially, I cannot accept any Atheist believing in free will. Even if the universe turns out to be nondeterministic at the quantum level, I hardly think that a nondeterministic entangled system having a vague and nebulous effect on the electrical impulses in a bowl of grey tissue can count as free will.

For practical purposes, sure, it makes sense to posit free will. In a philosophical sense, I would also argue that the absence of free will would mean that I have no choice but to believe in it.

But on some kind of absolute, existential, or moral plane? Free will has no basis in scientific fact. I am hard pressed to make any philosophical argument for it other than the above, and without either a scientific or philosophical basis, any of the historical evidence for free will is meaningless. History can only be interpreted in light of our knowledge of how the world works.

So why are some Atheists so vituperatively, vociferously angry? Theists literally have no choice but to worship their gods and perform meaningless rituals. The small minority of violence that is performed in the name of religion is inevitable. You can't be angry at an asteroid for obliterating all life on Earth. In fact, you can't be angry at an asteroid for its failure to believe in the historical theory of evolution.

Well, anger is merely a biochemical indication that you perceive unfairness. So if you believe, deep down, that 'fairness' can be applied to physical reality, other than the specific actions of humans, then you can be angry all the time.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Boggles my mind

The mainstream Republicans won't support Ron Paul because, while he is the most intelligent and principled of the candidates, he's kind of old and funny looking and his defense policy would kill us all.

Yet even CNN recognizes that the Ron Paul budget would not cut defense.

Our current global network of forward basis was our strategy to contain Soviet aggression in the fase of their possession of long range bombers and later, short-range nuclear missiles. Later it allowed us to project force to their periphery, where we countered their attempts to turn countries like Viet Nam into satellite states.

Now, although there are certainly tactical benefits, the majority of our bases only serve to stage peacekeepers in various 3rd world hellholes or defend Western Europe. In total, they reduce our national security for two reasons.

First, the greatest existential threat to the United States is its overspending. Our foreign bases, and particularly the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, cost us incredible sums of money. Of course, the media is pretending we left Iraq so they can get Obama another turn, and in fact our presence there is reduced, but the money continues to bleed out.

Second, a few of our bases antagonize the natives to no end. Saudi Arabia neither needs nor deserves our protection, so why do we have troops there? To support Kuwait? Which Supports Iraq? Where we have no national interest anyway?

I was somewhat ambivalent on the invasion of Iraq, but it had some tactical advantages. Now it does not. The current withdrawal timetable, which was negotiated by bush, is fine with me, although I would like to see all of our soldiers withdrawn except for the embassy.

Afghanistan? We owe them nothing. If they want to live in peace and freedom they're perfectly capable of doing it. They simply choose not to. It's not Afghanistan vs the Taliban - the Taliban is made up of Afghans.

The last vestiges of American culture also face a threat from the continued immigration from less civilized nations. Our troops would be better used defending the Mexican border than the Iranian border.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Can it be called Dialogue?

Socrates: that's how I got my job
Socrates: I had to charm them for a couple hours
Socrates: they said I was a great presenter
Marie Antoinette: Oh. You mean.. like when I smile too much, act polite and sweet?
Socrates: sort of
Marie Antoinette: What do you do?
Socrates: well, first of all I have to carry on a normal conversation
Socrates: which I don't usually do
Socrates: make eye contact, smile, mirror the other person's body language and react approvingly to what they say
Socrates: pretend to be interested
Socrates: figure out what they want to hear and say it
Marie Antoinette: Like a dating sim.
Socrates: pretend to be whatever they think I should be
Socrates: yeah
Socrates: I mean, I'm a genius and they should let me run the company
Socrates: but the fact is humans perceive things through the filter of their own preconceptions
Marie Antoinette: mm.
Socrates: so I can't be honest or they will take reality and twist it around
Socrates: I have to give them something they can comprehend, and make it positive

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Belly of the Beast

As government bureaucracy expands, more drones are hired. They inevitably vote for increased government bureaucracy.

Can you blame the peasants for blindly following their own self interest? It's apparent that most people are simply too stupid to know right from wrong in abstract contexts. The slight nagging they may feel is overwhelmed by the high pay, benefits, job security, and propaganda.

Those who knowingly feed the beast are the root of the problem.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thought for the Day

The purpose of Public Education is to create a populace that is incapable of reading the Constitution.